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"Pilates has been a part of my life since my early days of classical ballet training"

If you had told me at age 10 that I would be a pilates instructor one day, who absolutely loved her job,

I wouldn’t believe you. It wasn’t until later into my professional career that I truly realized the benefits that Pilates had on the mind and body. While dancing I began to have recurring injuries and I needed to know why and how to prevent them from continuously happening.


Pilates quickly pointed out my weakest links but even more importantly it gave me the tools to help correct and strengthen my body. I was lucky enough to dance professionally for 11 years throughout the United States and Europe. It was always my dream and I was lucky enough to live it. Without my discovery of pilates my dance career would have no doubt been cut short. 


I have been teaching pilates since 2016 and I'm comprehensively certified through Balanced Body. I have taught group and private sessions at Midtown Athletic Club, New York Pilates, and The WELL. My classes are specifically tailored to challenge whoever walks through the door. A session with me will always begin with a moment to bring you back to your breath, but don’t let this calming moment fool you as I am already working to get you to activate your abdominals simply through breathing. You will leave class feeling aligned, energized, and strong. 

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